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USA Wrestling membership card

Every Team Temecula member is required to have a USA Wrestling membership in order to participate. The membership is necessary to enter USA Wrestling tournaments throughout the wrestling season. You can purchase your membership card for the 2018-2019 season by visiting

Online form

After you have your USA Wrestling card number, please complete and submit the online form below for each wrestler joining Team Temecula:

Forms to print, complete and submit in person

You will need to complete/sign a wrestler contract and a medical history questionnaire prior to participating in any practices. This paperwork is included in the following registration forms:

Registration and membership dues

Payments can be made to coaches using cash, check, or credit cards. (Unfortunately, there will be no payment plans possible this season.)

  • Groups A and B --> $250 per wrestler
  • Group C --> $200 per wrestler
** There is a sibling discount of 25$. **